Creating the ultimate bachelor pad!

Stunning solarium with raised jacuzzi and more!

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It was with great pleasure that Baxters undertook the task of designing, presenting to the client, and completing the work on the stunning solarium for Mr Harding.

The project was going to be a real treat to work on as Mr Harding had a real desire to create the ultimate "bachelor pad" and based on the fantastic interior of his penthouse, this was going to be a lot of fun!

Baxters drew up the designs, which were e-mailed to Mr Harding for tweaking and approval. Once we had the green light to go, the project was started in earnest.

The biggest issue when working on the solarium of a penthouse is access and ultimately getting the materials up there. Most things can be taken up in the lifts, making sure to keep the public service areas clean and clear of building materials, so as to cause as little interference to fellow property owners as possible.

This was especially difficult with taking the timbers for the giant pergola up to the roof-top, by hand!! The long pieces of pergola timber were quite literally "hauled" up the side of the building, prior to being treated with preservatives and cutting to size. However, it was certainly worth it in the end as the pergola, complete with "mood lighting" looks simply stunning, affords great protection from the sunlight in the daytime and allows for partying into the small hours with illumination.

The raised Jacuzzi is rather a focal point of the solarium features and Mr Harding wanted this incorporating into the kitchenette-bar area. The Jacuzzi sides were "blended" into the existing surroundings, so as to match everything else and are seamlessly "part of the bar". Cocktails can be served straight into the Jacuzzi from the bar area, if you can find someone to do it for you!! The palm trees were then positioned into two of the newly created planter areas, (with integral irrigation system) and they really do set the whole "paradise" scene off.

The kitchenette-bar area is complete with running water, sink, electrics and of course, an outside fridge to chill all the beverages.

A special water feature of a copper tree was also installed, operated by remote control it adds that finishing touch to a beautiful solarium area, packed full of wonderful features, all readily available for the discerning client who wants to improve their solarium space, either for personal use, or to increase rentability.

For more details of solarium enhancements, please contact Baxters for further information.

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Stunning solarium Stunning solarium Stunning solarium Stunning solarium