Stunning front-line Roda Golf Villa pool installation

Working in the Summer Sun to get this job delivered!

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Baxters were commissioned to supply and fit a number of features that would enhance an already beautiful villa, in a stunning location; front line golf at the prestigious Roda Golf and Beach Resort.

The customer brief was fairly simple to start with; Extend the terrace and "possibly" install a swimming pool. We duly obliged, drew up some plans, priced the work and offered it over. Our recommendation was for a slightly larger terrace, but sticking to the budget, it was declined. The confirmation of the job came back, all being done via email as the customer was in the UK.

The work began and quickly took shape. However, once the customers came out, they quickly realised that the original recommendation of a larger terrace was not just a "maybe", it was a "had to have", along with a further 50m²!

Baxters took this in their stride and called in re-enforcements (in the form of a mini-excavator). Even though the job size had been increased, the time scales for completion remained the same! All this extra work was all completed in the hottest possible months of the year, mid August, when extreme weather temperature warnings were being issued of 48 degrees Celsius.

The swimming pool turned from great big hole in the ground, to being bricked out, shot-creeted, tiled and grouted in a very short space of time. Alongside this, the grassed areas were removed, irrigation re-routed, sub-base and concrete levelled out, with finally the tiles laid and grouted.

All in all, a beautiful job, in a stunning location, for a lovely family on a fantastic resort.

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Stunning pool Stunning pool Stunning pool Stunning pool Stunning pool